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Mi Band 4 Avengers Edition Watch Face and Strap


Today I will tell you how to transform your standard Mi Band 4 into Avengers Limited Edition with minimal cost and effort.

I will also list Best Avengers Watch Faces which I found from different sources.

So read the full post without skipping.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 has been in trend since last year because of its unlimited watch faces and variety of straps available online.

Xiaomi launched Avengers Edition of Mi Band 4 in collaboration with Marvel inc. solely for china.

This Avengers Limited Edition was released in June 2019 after the release of Marvel’s Avengers: End Game.


  • 120 x 240 pixels 0.95″ colored AMOLED display.
  • 5 ATM water resistance.
  • NFC (doesn’t support outside china).
  • Mi AI speaker (doesn’t support outside china).
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity.
  • The battery life of up to 15 days.
  • Heart rate monitoring.

For detailed specs visit here

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What’s inside the box?

  • Mi Band Capsule (Main unit).
  • 3 Straps – Avengers (black), Iron Man (red), Captian America (blue).
  • 2-pin pogo pin charging cable.
  • Avengers Badge.
  • User Guide.

Here are some pics of Mi Band 4 Avenger Edition unboxing I got from a review on c.mi.com

What’s the difference?

Difference - Avengers and standard Mi Band 4 - MoboDaily

As you can see there’s no significant difference between the Standard and the Avengers Editions.

First, we will consider internal or functional differences which we can’t change.

  1. Mi Band 4 Avengers Edition features Mi AI Speaker (AI assistant) which is supported only in china.
  2. If we talk about NFC, it features Alipay (wireless payment platform) which is also only supported in china so it’s of no use for the users outside china.

Second, we will consider physical changes.

  1. Avengers Watch face. Yes, the main highlight of the Avengers Edition is that watch face.

Not a big deal! I have given the link to the identical watch face in the next section.

  1. Avengers Strap. The other thing which makes Avengers edition different from the standard Mi Band 4.

Cheers! It can also be purchased from different sources online. I have listed some in the next section.

That’s it for the differences between both editions. Let’s move on to the main part.

How to Transform Standard Mi Band 4 into Avengers Edition?

Mi Band 4 Avenger Edition is available on Ali Express for $70 approx and for Rs. 6,999 at Fupper.com while it was initially available for Rs. 3500 approx.

I won’t recommend buying it and paying the extra money while you can transform the standard edition into the Avengers limited edition.

So let’s get started.

First, tell me how you identify a Mi band that it’s Avengers edition?

Of course by the physical look of the band which comes with the strap and the watch face.

There is no difference between the size of the Mi band 4 capsule (main unit) of both trackers so the same straps can be applied to both units.

So you just need to change the strap and the watch face to transform your standard mi band into the Avengers Edition.

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Avengers Edition Straps:

I have listed some identical Avengers straps you can buy at Amazon. Have a look at them.

1. Avengers Black

2. Captain America Blue

2. Iron Man Red

Click here to buy these straps on Ali Express.

Avengers Watch Face:

If we talk of the Avengers watch face, we know that Mi band 4 support unlimited watch faces.

Here is the Avengers Limited Edition Watch Face I have found on the Amazfitwatchfaces.com –

Mi Band 4 Avengers Limited Edition Watch Face - Amazfitwatchfaces

Can’t spot the difference, right?

Coz, there’s no difference!

Detailed Procedure – How to apply custom watch faces on Mi Band 4

Click here to download other nifty avengers watch faces for your Mi band 4 available on amazfitwatchfaces.com

Finally, Your Standard Mi Band is transformed into the Avengers limited edition without paying an extra buck and effort.

That’s it for today’s writeup.

Which is your favorite Avengers strap? Mine is Iron Man’s.

Tell me in the comments below. Peace.

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